The Hidden Valley area of Joshua


The Hidden Valley area of Joshua is one of the most beautiful and easily accessible areas of the park.
It’s perfect if you are looking to do a short hike or simply wander among the trees and rock formations.
This is a relatively easy and scenic trail, making it one of the most popular hikes in Joshua Tree Park.
It does not have many Joshua trees. Of note on this trail is the giant monolith known as the Great Burrito,
a popular climbing area in the park.The Hidden Valley picnic area, on the opposite side of the parking
lot from the trailhead, is much more scenic, with an abundance of large Joshua trees scattered around
huge boulders and rock piles. This is a wonderful place to enjoy a picnic and meander around.From the
last picnic area at the west end, a very short rudimentary trail leads out and around to the back side of the
stand of boulders, opening up into a wonderland of rocks and trees, perfect for photography.