Exploring the USS Midway Museum in San Diego


It’s more than just the ship’s history that draws visitors, even though the Midway served the United States
longer than any other aircraft carrier in history. It’s not just that it was the largest ship in the world when
it was commissioned in 1945, either.
The Midway appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds as much as it does to history nerds and military
Here’s why: the Midway was retired in 1991 and now serves her final tour of duty in San Diego, home to
one-third of the Pacific Fleet and many former Midway crew members. They bring the old ship to life as its
volunteer docents, giving live talks about what happens on a working aircraft carrier.

The historic aircraft carrier USS Midway Museum moored in Broadway Pier in Downtown San Diego Southern California United States of America and the skyline. A battleship commissioned after the World War II.